Space Availability

Space Availability at Water Garden

Water Garden today is the result of soaring imagination and relentless attention to detail. In addition to redesigning our 17 acres of outdoor space, we’ve redistributed water for a more environmentally friendly landscape that creates room to roam and opportunities to connect. In these and countless other ways, we’ve given our destination the attention it deserves, artfully transforming it into the Westside’s preferred work and playground.

2450 Colorado Boulevard

SuiteSq FtAvailabilityDescriptionFloor PlanPhotoVirtual Tour
240-E 6,922 RSF 11/30/20
260-E21,292 RSF12/1/20Built-Out
1000-W5,120 RSFImmediate
1001-W1,552 RSFImmediate


1003-W1,208 RSFImmediate


1050-W8,658 RSF Immediate
2000-W34,016 RSF12/1/20Built-Out
3000-W35,308 RSF12/1/20Built-Out
4000-W29,829 RSF12/1/20Built-Outview PDF
5000-W28,781 RSF12/1/20Built-Out

1601 Cloverfield Boulevard

SuiteSq FtAvailabilityDescriptionFloor PlanPhotoVirtual Tour
100-S20,670 RSFAvailable 7/1/20Open plan
150-S6,331 RSFImmediate
200-S32,330 RSFImmediateview PDF
370-S22,155 RSFImmediate
1000-N20,334 RSFImmediateOffice space
1050-N3,142 RSFImmediate
2000-N33,315 RSFImmediate
3000-N33,594 RSFImmediateOpen plan
4000-N29,966 RSFImmediateFull floor, creative buildoutview PDFPhoto

2425 W. Olympic Boulevard

SuiteSq FtAvailabilityDescriptionFloor PlanPhotoVirtual Tour
100-E8,714 RSF8/31/2020
120-E6,717 RSFImmediate

Office space

150-E3,409 RSFImmediateview PDF
575-E5,588 RSFImmediate
650-E8,670 RSFImmediate
6000-W20,078 RSF1/31/21
6050-W9,564 RSFImmediate

12 window offices, 4 interior offices, 1 kitchen, 4 storage

1620 26th Street

SuiteSq FtAvailabilityDescriptionFloor PlanPhotoVirtual Tour
1010-N808 RSFImmediate

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